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Thanks for the link - BTW the it currently points to '' when you click on it!

Re: Open collaborative design by charlesCcharlesC, 27 Apr 2010 19:56

I was thinking of making a page on this wiki to point out some of the interesting open collaborative design projects. Then I discovered the Advanced Civilization wiki which has gone far beyond what I was thinking about. Check out the Advanced Civilization wiki at [], then think about where you can contribute.

The majority of people in the world can not afford to participate in the modern economy and it is going to get worse as automation increases. The answer is to create a new economic system that does not require money. By posting your knowledge on the web with an open source or creative commons license you are helping to create this new economy. By using wikis and other social media, your knowledge and ideas can be refined and built upon by collaborating with others.

Open collaborative design by wburriswburris, 12 Apr 2010 01:48
Hello World
Sam AbrahamSam Abraham 06 Apr 2010 10:28
in discussion Forum / Introductions » Hello World

Hello everybody, Welcome to the G citizens all over the globe.

I'm really glade to be here after all, since i have been thinking about the G citizen idea along time ago and i never thought i would find serious followers for such a beautiful concept.

now its becoming true, here is the right place and the first step, i have lots of imaginary ideas for the G-citizen concept wish to share it all with you.

thanks for being here, and wish you all good luck :)

Dream is destiny.

Hello World by Sam AbrahamSam Abraham, 06 Apr 2010 10:28
Kat Hayes
KittyHKittyH 06 Apr 2010 06:00
in discussion Forum / Introductions » Kat Hayes

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Global Citizenship Club's wikipage,

I'm a moderator of this website and I am good friends with its wonderful creator Brent. Hope to see you all actively participating in the movement towards a common humanity. Thank you for joining, and please be active participants!

"Let the great world spin for ever down the ringing grooves of change." — Alfred Lord Tennyson

Kat Hayes by KittyHKittyH, 06 Apr 2010 06:00
Re: Bill Burris
Brent_ArtBrent_Art 06 Apr 2010 02:17
in discussion Forum / Introductions » Bill Burris

Great work Bill! This website looks great :)

Re: Bill Burris by Brent_ArtBrent_Art, 06 Apr 2010 02:17
Bill Burris
wburriswburris 05 Apr 2010 18:39
in discussion Forum / Introductions » Bill Burris

Brent Kelly created the Global Citizenship Club on facebook. I thought it was a good idea, so I invited all my facebook friends to join. It soon became apparent to me that facebook is not a good platform for discussions and developing policy documents. I then set up this wiki for that purpose. Since I have few skills to offer, a wiki format lets others do all the work.

I am an electronics technician, but I spend more time writing software, instead of building & repairing electronics.

Bill Burris by wburriswburris, 05 Apr 2010 18:39
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