A Global Citizen is anyone willing to work with others, set aside differences, and strive to create a better world. To put our accountability to humanity before anything else.

A group for those who believe that humanity is united, rather than divided, by its diversity. We, as a species, need to overcome our affiliations with divisive forms of nationalism, religion, and culture. We are all citizens of the same little blue marble. Fellow citizens can, and must, work together towards a better world. We must disregard the divisive identity forms of the past, and, together, embrace our common humanity. The way forward is together. Global Citizenship is about being a citizen of the world; owing your allegiance to the common betterment of humanity.

All members are invited to start topics on the forum, or create a page in the wiki. Be aware that any wiki page you create may be edited by all members. Please view this as people standing on you shoulders to reach new heights.

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